Are we damaging our children for the sake of dance 'tricks"?

Are we damaging our children for the sake of dance 'tricks"?

Posted by Prue Borzi on 16th Jul 2015

Have you read this article by Chris Johnston from the Sydney Morning Herald? (photo by Justin McManus)

5 days ago this article was published with a fury on some dance mum discussion sites. As a teacher and dance mum  I am extremely disappointed where dance and competitions, particularly for children, is headed. 

It seems that the true essence of dance is being lost to a perceived necessity to include these ridiculous acrobatic tricks. Give me a meaningful dance that engages the audience and tells a story over stunts any day. The last eisteddfod I attended I saw a distinct lack of connection between the music and the dance movements, from both junior and senior groups and solos.

 I was particularly disappointed to see this disconnection in a senior lyrical section. A lyrical piece is all about the music and lyrics and the dancers interpretation of that story. The majority of the routines looked like a random piece of chorey paired with a random acoustic song, oh, and with some tricks thrown in. 

Is the art of dance dying with the increasing emphasis placed on tricks? And at what price are our children paying for pushing their bodies to the limit to achieve these stunts? 

What are your thoughts?